Aggelos Capital Limited is an independent investment banking boutique firm with its predominant focus on Sub Sahara and its abundant opportunities. We provide strategic advice and partner with selected public and private companies, governments, parastatals and developmental organizations globally and carefully selected clients with whom we wish to work and partner in Sub Sahara Africa. Where required, we partner and work in collaboration with international associate investment banking firms in order to place the client in the best position possible to ensure successful assignments are achieved.

Our focus on Sub Sahara Africa is a logical expression of faith in the region, its many peoples and its enormous potential based on its size, location, landscape, demographics and growing economies.

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The people who make Aggelos Capital Limited tick.
CEO, Kurt van Duyn

Aggelos Capital Limited works with an established group of associates globally, and dovetails with various investment and merchant banking firms and platforms globally to provide a discreet and bespoke investment banking service customized to each carefully selected client.

We have a network of Associates throughout the COMESA (Common Market for East and Southern Africa with 19 Member countries), SADC (Southern African Development Community made up of 15 Member Countries), ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States made up of 15 Member Countries) and the EAC (East African Community made up of 5 East African Member Countries) regions through which we have built a significant operational footprint.
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Africa is the 2nd largest continent (30,244,049 square km) in the world, behind Asia (44,391,162 square km).
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2000+ languages are spoken over the entire African Continent, making it extremely diverse.
Africa holds 15% of the total world population (1.111 billion people, as of 2013)
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