Raising Capital for companies and projects could be a daunting process, and especially when it comes to the basic documentation required to commence the capital raising process, or the process of pursuing a major deal or transaction.

Very often, the domicilium of the company or project will provide the first guideline in terms of what documentation will be required, (emerging markets and developed markets such as the UK, USA, etc mostly require different documentation formats as may be required by regulatory authorities in each region…) and this will set the format in terms of how, what and when such documentation needs to be submitted, lodged, published, distributed or presented to external parties. Often, to who the documentation is sent is a major issue as well, and thus documentation must highlight the target audience very clearly as well and such process must follow prescribed guidelines as well.

In order to raise capital, the following are unwritten but entrenched guidelines that you should start the process with:

1.    Make sure your documentation is prepared and presented professionally.

2.   Ensure all the information is up to date, presented logically, clearly and easily explains the business at hand.

3.   Prepare financial models professionally, neatly and logically.

4.   New financial modelling guidelines and frameworks are being implemented and accepted internationally as required benchmarks for financial models…. make sure your model complies accordingly to these new guidelines and benchmark standards.

5.   In most cases, don’s send your documents in text formats…. send them in PDF formats, neatly collated and indexed. Send financial models in xl format so that the model can be properly scrutinized and assessed by people who have to make critical decisions.

Remember, you have to get your foot in the door first, and the best way possible is by presenting awesome documentation that makes it a pleasure to read and that entices further engagement…

So, where does a company or new entrepreneur start… As a very rough and generalized guideline, the following diagram will help determine what documentation is required for the type of deal you wish to pursue. This is merely a guideline, and many factors will influence the final documentation required to get a deal funded!

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Aggelos - Documentation requirements